How to Install Lotus Notes 8, Step by Step

This is a simple tutorial on how to install Lotus Notes 8.

Download the Lotus notes client from website (C13NBEN.exe), than run the file.
If you already got the CD than you can run the installer directly from the CD.

In IBM website there are two version of Lotus Notes 8, the basic version and the standard version. To learn more about differences between basic and standard, you can read it here.




Type the user name and the organisation.


The default installation will be in c drive, you can change it to any drive or folder you want. But, if you select Multi User install, all Lotus Notes data files will be saved in each user My document folder.

If you using Multi user install, you can only change the program files not the data files.


Note that the default installation will not include Composite application Editor.


Don’t forget to select Make Notes my default email program 🙂



Now Installation is finish, and let the fun begin.


An impressive flash screen. Note the Build On Eclipse remark.



If you want connect to the Lotu Domino server, the user name must be created first.


Select additional services that you want to configure.


The configuration is completed.


A Clean Workspace, most people will love it.


A new Welcome Page, simple.


A whole new preferences, much more complex too.


New Default location, now only have 4 locations


In edit location, in servers tab, there is no more sametime server entry.


To change the sametime server, you should go to preferences, and go to Sametime then select Communities.



I having problem when trying to connected to same time server, maybe because the server is version 6.5

Update! 20070910

The SameTime is works now. In Host Server, use the fqn of the SameTime server. After I changed that, my SameTime server works, and it a very good client. The way that SameTime Client placed in the sidebar is very nice.


The new Getting Started, from here you can learn about all you features in Lotus Notes 8.

Lotus Notes 8 have many features, more more features than lotus notes 7. It will be fun to learn all the new features in Lotus Notes 8.

13 thoughts on “How to Install Lotus Notes 8, Step by Step

  1. this is my first time installation of Lotus Domino… thanks for this guide. more power to the source.

  2. Hi, how can I set up my full name for send email´s. I have notes 8. I´d like that a receiver see “João Alberto Rodrigues” and not my email “”

    thanks in advance

  3. Hi João,
    Are you an administrator? or you only want to change for your self?
    If you an administrator please take a look at the
    Domino directory -> Configuration -> Messaging -> Configuration
    Mime -> Advanced -> Advanced Outbound Message Options

    if not,
    Take alook at your location
    in basics -> Internet email address change it into
    “João Alberto Rodrigues”
    That will do the trick 🙂

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  5. hi all,
    how to make different versions of Lotus domino and Lotus Notes compatible with each other..???
    I have Lotus Domino 6.5 installed at my server side and i want to upgrade my client side (Lotus Notes) to version 8.5.3
    plz help.

  6. @waqas, it’s recommended that you upgrade the server first, then the clients because domino usually backward compatible.
    Or you can try to use lotus notes 8.5.3. client, but still using the mail template from 6.5.

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