Choosing the right mobile devices

I’m not the kind of guy who keep on changing his mobile device. I know a guy who keep on changing his mobile device for every 2 or 3 months. He just sell his old device and buy a new one.

I buy and keep it until it break.

My old device is Kyocera 7135 and it been with me for almost 3 years now, and already showing it ages. The lcd is drifted and sometimes doesn’t responsive at all. Need to be replaced.

So, to replace my old, trusty and rusty Kyocera 7135, I need to buy a new one. With so many options, and I tend to buy until it break, I have to choose it carefully.

First, Palm OS device.
Because I’m really familiar with Palm OS, my first option is another Palm OS device. Even though Palm OS is very stable and pretty good OS, there is no new version for years.
Compare with Windows Mobile OS, now windows mobile reaching version 6 with more features and more stable, while Palm OS still on version 5 something. It no comparison at all. Treo line from Palm is very good, but still it lack of wifi, while most of new Windows Mobile device have wifi enabled.
Conclusion, for me Treo with Palm OS maybe a gadget for dream years ago, but not today.

Second, Windows Mobile device
Windows Mobile OS is a very good OS for mobile device, it started showing is maturity and stability. Most problem that come with Windows Mobile device is battery life, you may need to charge it at least once a day, but I can live with that. Unfortunately most of them are too expensive too me.
Conclusion, I dump this option not because it a bad OS, but a matter of budget problem :). If you have money to spend, Windows Mobile device will be a good choice, as long as you can find one with good battery life.

Third, Linux OS devices
There are some mobile device that powered by linux. Motorola is one of the vendor which use linux in their mobile devices. Motorola just released a new moto rokr E6. It has many interesting features like touchscreen, name card scanner but no wifi. But linux is still new in this category and already showing that linux is a good OS for mobile device. Maybe 2 or 3 years from now, for my next mobile device will be linux powered.

I give many thanks to motorola for this. Motorola spend so much effort and resources to develop a stable, full features and easy to use mobile device that use linux OS. And I’m sure that many linux enthusiat that gladly will help motorola to enchance the OS with their community.
Conclusion, will be my next mobile device, but not today.

Fourth, Symbian mobile device.
This is my last option. I never use Symbian OS before, I thought it just a toy OS. And I hate Nokia. Here, in Indonesia almost everybody using it. It’s so common.

I want something different.

But I saw the communicator line from nokia, made me think twice.

Nokia E61 is really promising, it have everything I need including the wifi, qwerty keyboard and still fit with my budget, and not so many people using it because it’s big and no camera. So at least, even if I’m using a Nokia, it’s not that common one.

Conclusion, this is my best device that I can find, and still fit with my budget. So I bought one, and been using it for a week. So far, I’m happy with it. I’m writing this blog with it.
Let hope I don’t make a bad decision, because I buy to keep until it break.

I have plenty of memo’s saved in my Palm. First I doubt how can I transfer those memos to my E61. I already started thinking about problem. But I thought wrong. I just simply beam a memo from Kyocera 7135 to Nokia E61 through infrared, and it will save it as new note in Nokia. Simply simple. I wish i can do it in batch though, because now I have to do it one by one.

Nokia shipped with an external 64 MB mini SD card, that I soon replaced it with a new 2 GB mini SD card. I still don’t understand why Nokia still ship with this device a 64 MB mini SD card. While the price of memory card is going cheaper and cheaper, I think that Nokia should start shipped with this device at least 1 GB mini SD card, or even better “no external card at all”, so it not wasted. What should I do with my 64 MB mini SD card?

Minus point
Showing pictures in galery is fun, the sreen is big and beautifull with 16 millions colors, but there is no slide show. Maybe third party software can do this “should be an easy task”.
In new calendar entry, I can’t select a date from monthly view, I have to type it manually. Problem is if I’m planning to schedule a meeting for next monday, I don’t know what is the date for next monday. I have to look for calendar to know what date is it.

No cradle. I like cradle, even IPod have cradle. It,s like a resting place for my mobile device after long hours. Now I just put it in top of my table, doesn’t seem right. A third party cradle for nokia E61 should be fantastic. Where it have port for charger, data for pc suite and a standard 3.5 mm audio out port so I can listen to my favorite musics with my home audio system.

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  1. What would be neat is if Nokia created a multi-processor sysetm, which would run only a single processor when on battery, but give you all processors when the device is plugged into a power socket. This would allow the device to its own development sysetm when plugged in, with (wireless) links to keyboard and monitor, and one of the processors could be devoted to emulation to test applications as they are developed.Of course, there is not a mass market for this. But how about using the same concept to develop audio and/or video content for the handheld? Playing the content only requires a single processor, but plug in and link to a keyboard and monitor, and run a suitable application, and now anyone can make movies or mp3s to run on the device. Simplify (FTP) access to the internet, and now people can generate content they can share with their friends, without posting it to YouTube.Then again, there is the port of the Apache httpd to Nokia handhelds to consider. Running a webserver on a handheld implies it is always on, no?

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