TeamViewer, king of remote access

My sister just called me, she need to send one email immediately to one of her buyer, but her email is having a problem. The email that she want to send is stuck in the outbox, can’t be send.

She using windows vista and windows mail as her mail client. I tried to explain to her on how to solve the problem, but she still didn’t understand. Can’t blame her, she is not a computer geek, but a very good sales person.

She is at home, while I’m in the office, and her buyer waiting for the email, now what to do?

Luckily, the last time I visited her house, I downloaded a very good software called Team Viewer. I ask her to connect to the internet, and then run the team viewer software by double click the exe file, no need to install, then she get the session id and password.


And that is it.

She gave me the session id and password, I run my team viewer and than connected to her computer at no time.

Solved the problem in less than 10 minutes, the stuck email went away to her buyer.

She happy, her buyer happy, and I’m happy able to help.

For quick, and easy setup remote access software, TeamViewer really is the king. You don’t even need to install the software.

Not only for remote  access, with TeamViewer you can also chat or copy files between computers. Great for remote support.

And all of that without any cost (for home user).

TeamViewer is highly recommended software, that every support computer should have.

I’m not related in any way with Team Viewer. I am just a happy user.

3 thoughts on “TeamViewer, king of remote access

  1. “TeamViewer faces almost no good competitors from the point of usability and ease of use. For sure it’s good, but not perfect, especially from the security point and connection speed.

    Anyway one can hardly find a better software except
    free Ammyy Admin which is almost a precise analogue of TeamViewer but easier and quicker, which is too essential for our help desk service.

    Anyway my colleagues claim this is a matter of preferences. One likes Ammyy Admin another likes TeamViewer . It’s interesting what people value much while choosing software for remote desktop sharing.”

  2. TeamViewer is the leader in remote support industry. No doubt about that. But I love trying other alternatives as well and one such alternative which I have tried is RHUB. It provides both web conferencing and remote support servers in one box for all your online collaboration and remote support needs. It is fortknox.

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