Recent Contacts, the goods and the bads

Personally, I like the new feature of lotus notes 8, Recent Contacts. Where as default, it will automatically added any names (or email addresses) to Recent Contacts, where than user can use it to look up email address. Later, names in the Recent Contacts can be moved to Contacts if you like.

For me, it saves time. I do not have to add manually the sender to my contacts, and it only able to add sender, not all people in the To or CC. Now, with Recent Contacts, all the To and CC names (or email addresses) will automatically added to my Recent Contacts list, and saves a lot of time.

But, there are users who do not like this feature, specially users who like to have their contacts clean and manage able, they only want to add names to their contacts only if it important, while Recent Contacts will automatically add all of them.

Luckily, Recent Contacts have many options, you can choose it in Contacts preferences.

You can choose that Recent Contacts DO NOT automatically added:

  1. Any names to Recent Contacts, for short to disable the Recent Contacts feature.
  2. CC and BCC names to Recent Contacts, so it only add names in the TO field.
  3. Names from emails that I receive (Only add names from email that I send), that already explain it.

So, for users who really hate this feature, they can simply disable it.

One of the annoying thing about this feature, it will add invalid or junk names (or email addresses) to Recent Contacts, specially when users received spam emails with a lot of email addresses in the TO and CC fields.

Do you want to go with this features or not, is your choice. I personally like this feature, and once in a while clean up the Recent Contacts for junk names.


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