How to Speed Up Lotus Domino Transaction Log

Transaction Log is a must have feature in Lotus Domino. If configured correctly, it’s almost speed up the whole Lotus Domino process. You can read more about Lotus Domino Transaction Log in here.

Transaction log need the fastest disk available, and also support failover. So, at least you need to have a dedicated raid 1 configured hard disk for transaction log files.

So, I follow the steps, using 2 x 15 k RPM SCSI hard disk and configure it as raid 1, and dedicated only for transaction log.

But, I still fell that the configuration is not fast enough, and I can’t get the faster hard disk, something is wrong.

After carefully studied, I found that to improve the hard disk performance of transaction log you need to use the non standard allocation unit size. The standard allocation unit size is 4092 bytes, don’t use it, manually change it to 32 kilobytes or even 64 kilobytes.

If somehow you already format the transaction log hard disk using the standard allocation unit size, to improve the transaction log performance, you need to re-format it with the new allocation unit size. There is third party software where you can change the allocation unit size without re-format, but you can do it with your own risk.

  • Shut down the Lotus Domino server
  • Backup all the transaction log files in ( no need special backup, just copy it into another disk).
  • Format the disk, but do not use the standard allocation unit size (normally 4092 bytes), but change it into 32 kilobytes or 64 kilobytes. Do not use the quick format, use the slow format (just be safe)
  • Restore the transaction log files.
  • Start the Lotus Domino server

Now, your transaction log will work faster.

Last, do it in your own risk. It works in my Lotus Domino environment:

  • Windows server 2003 x64,
  • Lotus Domino 8.5.2 FP2 x64

And full backup will never hurt.




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