Problem (bug?) with reply to all function

There are problem with lotus notes or lotus domino that we have to deal with it every day. Lotus notes is a good software, but still it have some bugs and problems that we have to deal with it. Specially when users start to compare it with other email client, like MS Outlook.

Recently, few of the users complains about problem when they try to “reply to all” certain emails, the email addresses somehow changed into something else, that cause problem when sending the email.

This is the screen capture of the emais, that the email addresses has changed.

Problem is, for some email we can reproduce the problem but for some emails we can’t, and this problem not happen to everyone that received the same email.

So, when user A and user B received the same email, maybe only user A that having the problem, while user B do not have the same problem.

If you have the same problem and have the solutions, please let me know by comments with this post.


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