Three Reasons why to upgrade your operating system

No matter what kind of operating system that you have, soon you will have the choices to uprage you operating system or not. Windows Vista already released, if you are Windows XP user, than you may have to ask your self, will you need to upgrade you windows? Or if you are Open Suse linux user, will you need to upgrade to the latest version of Open Suse? Even if Open Suse is free?

What is the reason why user need to upgrade their operating system?

For me, there is three reason why we should upgrade our operating system.

Stability and security

All of new operating system will claim that their new operating system will have more stable and more secure than previous version. If you think that you current operatin system is buggy, than maybe you need to upgrade. But, if you current operating system is running stable enough, and you can run all your applications without a problem, I don’t see why you need to upgrade your operating system.

Ussually I have to wait at least 6 month before I decide to upgrade anything, not just operating system. I want to see what kind of bugs that other users found and what kind of fixs that the software manufacture released. I don’t want to replace my buggy software with more buggier software.

Software compatiblity

If you want to run application that can only run in the new operating system, than you have no choice to upgrade. But, maybe you have to check what are the other options. Maybe first you need to check, if there is another application that similar with the one that you need that can run in your current operating system.

You don’t have to use Internet Explorer 7 to surf the net. If you still running Windows 98, than can use Firefox instead. Or maybe you can still run the old version that run nicely with your current operating system. But, if there are no other options, than you have to upgrade.

But vice versa, I still have stocks of Windows NT 4.0 in my list of servers, they are still running old applications that not supported by new version of windows.

Hardware compatiblity

Like it or not, most of old operating system will not recognize new hardware.

I have a software than run on Windows 4.0, and the software requires serial dongle to run. Then a new version of that software come with a new dongle, usb dongle. There is no way to run usb dongle in Windows NT 4.0 because Windows NT 4.0 doesn’t support usb port, so we must to upgrade it to at least Windows 2000 server.


If your current operating system running stable enough and secure enough, your softwares are running just fine, and all your hardware detected without a problem, than there is no reason why you need to upgraded. Unless of course you are the geek that need more chalenges, and want to be the first to run the newest operating system. Other than that, stick with your old operating system until the time will come that you need to upgrade your operating system.

Windows Vista, A Killer OS

Yup, I mean in. Windows Vista, A killer OS (Operating system). It really
will kills (you).

You can see windows Vista requirements at…/systemrequirements.mspx

You see know, why I says Windows Vista: A Killer OS. It will kill your
budget and wallet. If you have any plan to use one, you can say good bye to
your old computer. Simple upgrading the memory simply not enough, this
beast will require new processor and new graphic card too.

The rules is simple. If you wan to use it, buy a brand new computer with
the latest hardware and huge amount of memory. Event the home basic
edition require minimum of 512MB of memory, that just for the OS! If you
need to run applications like MS Outlook 2007, that you need at least 1GB
of memory. That minimum configuration. The ‘Wow’ starts now – that’s True!.

These are just a few words about vista that I got from mailing list that I
join. These people mostly computer consultant with years of expertise. I
think I listens for what they says.

  • I’m running Outlook 2007 on a dual Xeon 3.06Ghz (not HT either) with 4G of RAM and it still drags.
  • I just tried Vista with the latest MS Office. It ran quite well. Of course, you have to have a system with the nuts to handle it. This was on a Dell with an Intel dual-core (3.8 Ghz I believe) system. Tons of memory. I would never use it on an outdated single core system with 512memory.
  • I find Outlook 2007 to be MUCH slower than 2003. I’m am not impressedby Vista or Office 2007 so far.
  • Yeah, and what will be the requirement in the next version on windows, a supercomputer, and that’s just for basics 😛
  • Quad processor, 4 GB ram, 2GB will be used upon successful bootup. In order to have the cool graphics as MacOS XII, you will need an SLI-2×4 4 – GPU video card that costs twice as much as the motherboard and processor chip.
  • I used Vista for a week on a laptop that was purchased within the last six months and branded as “Vista Ready!” It ran like crap, the driver support for the touchpad was abysmal, and it lived in virtual memory. I’ll run XP until I can’t anymore. After that, FreeBSD on the desktop is looking more and more attractive.
  • I don’t object to Microsoft taking advantage of the power of newer machines, but I do find it rather annoying in the case of Vista that the *requirements* for the OS are so high. I’ve seen nothing in Vista that justifies using so much machine for just the OS. I do need to run a Vista box so that I can be familiar with the thing when my clients call with questions about it.
  • Currently I’m running Vista Ultimate on a Core 2 Extreme X6800 with 2G of very nice RAM and an X1950XTX graphics card. I have a very fast array of 3G SATA drives, and Vista does look pretty and it’s quite snappy. But… The same box feels faster with XP SP2.

Sure they are also some good words about Microsoft Vista, but hey… I’m
not gonna quote them. 🙂

I’m not yet running Windows Vista, but for the prices of the OS and the
price for the new hardware, I think I never will.

I’m not prepare to buy a new computer, and I think many people are like me,
have a tight budget. I think I will stick with my old notebook powered by
Pentium III 733 Mhz with 512 MB, running dual boot nicely with Windows XP
Home edition and with Open Suse 10.1.

I still belive linux is the future (and now Lotus Notes runs under linux